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Raindance Video Interview with Keir Burrows

Anti Matter (previously known as Worm) Reviews:
One Room with a View - ***** 5
Den of Geek - **** 4
Movie Marker - **** 4
Shadows on the Wall - ****4
The Edge - **** 4
The 405 - "Trippy, Edge of your Seat Adventure"
Kim Newman - "Affecting, Nerve Shredding"
Vodzilla - "Hard Sci-Fi that's Wonderfully Easy to Watch"
Garbage File - "Genuinely Thrilling, Eerie... Intellectually Stimulating"

Big Picture Film Club Interview with Keir Burrows (Sept 2016)

Interview with Keir Burrows (Culture Compass Jan 2012)

Reviewfix - Review of Donkey (2012)

Independent - Review of Donkey (2012) (scroll to bottom)


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