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Cast Iron are celebrating the release of their debut feature film, the Film London-developed script, Anti Matter. Antimatter follows a trio of Oxford PhD students who invent a wormhole generator. They test teleport one of the group, who wakes up after the experiment unable to create new memories, her friends hostile, and the government looking to investigate. It opened at Raindance Film Festival, in September 2016.

Described by prominent review site Shadows on the Wall as a 'brain-busting gem like Memento, Primer and Pi', Anti Matter is classic neo-noir science fiction, comprising a complex, riddle-based plot, set amidst the austere world of historic universities and hi-tech startups. It is intelligent, compelling, fast-paced and original, with commercial appeal, incredible performances and sumptuous cinematography.

The Anti Matter script (previously known as Worm) won Best Sci-Fi Screenplay at the Toronto Independent Film Festival. It was runner-up Best Screenplay at the California Film Awards and an Official Finalist at the Colorado Film Festival.

The film won a final place on the Film London Microwave scheme, and received intense development support from Film London. The Cast Iron team received personal mentoring support from writer Jay Basu of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid adaptation, director Pete Travis (Dredd, 2012), and producer Pippa Cross. Production wrapped in autumn 2015.

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